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35 Inspirational Delayed Gratification Quotes

Check out these delayed gratification quotes. This is a dose of 35 quotes of human wisdom from people who have defined, observed, learned, experienced, and written about delayed gratification.

How harmful is the constant pursuit of immediate gratification? What is the importance of delayed gratification?

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1. “Delaying gratification is a process of scheduling the pain and pleasure of life in such a way as to enhance the pleasure of living in such a way as to enhance the pleasure by meeting and experiencing the pain first and getting it over with. It is the only decent way to live.”—M. Scott Peck

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2. “Were talking about an attitude. Delayed gratification is there, planning, be able to give up something now to get something later.”—Joe Hill

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3.“Without delayed gratification, there is no power over self.”Sunday Adelaja

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4. “Success awaits those who steadfastly commit to any requisite sacrifice”Ken Poirot

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5. “Delayed gratification is the one thing we ignore these days. And if you delay it, it becomes more pleasurable later in life.”–Greg Gutfeld

delayed grqtifiction is the one thing we ignore these days

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6. “Lifetime regrets are more painful than delayed gratification.”Dawn Graham

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7. “Without delayed gratification, there is no persistence.”― Sunday Adelaja

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8. “If there is one thing that marks families with money in the long term it is this: delayed gratification.”–Bill Bonner

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9. “Remember how it feels, Silent One. That murderous rage, and how it makes your blood boil. Remember, and let it carry you the rest of the way—only, learn to freeze it, as well, because the best killers are those who can put their desires on ice.” Nenia Campbell

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10. “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” —Warren Tracy

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11. “As we get past our superficial material wants and instant gratification we connect to a deeper part of ourselves, as well as to others, and the universe.”—Judith Wright 

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12. “Delayed gratification hints that something terrible is going to happen, and then delays the resolution. It’s that interval between the promise of something awful and it actually happening, where suspense resides.” Sandy Vaile

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13. “Immediate gratification is a dream killer.”Bryant McGill

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14. “If you really want to grow great, you need to avoid costly pleasures and preserve your future treasures.” Israelmore Ayivor

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15. “In a world where people are hungry for quick fixes and sound bites, for instant gratification, there’s no patience for the long, slow rebuilding process: implementing after-school programs, hiring more community workers to act as mentors, adding more job training programs in marginalized areas.”—Dan Hill

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16. “Self-discipline equates to self-control. Your ability to control yourself and your actions, control what you say and do, and ensure that your behaviors are consistent with long-term goals and objectives is the mark of a superior person.”—Brian Tracy

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17. “Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is… A man who gives in to temptation after five minutes simply does not know what it would have been like an hour later. That is why bad people, in one sense, know very little about badness. They have lived a sheltered life by always giving in.”C.S. Lewis

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18. “Be careful not to compromise what you want most for what you want now.”—Zig Ziglar

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19. “Never give up what you want most for what you want today.”—Neal Maxwell

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20. “In my impatience, I become convinced that this desire of mine should have been fulfilled yesterday when it belongs to a tomorrow that yesterday would have killed had I had my way.”Craig D. Lounsbrough

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21. “Great investing requires a lot of delayed gratification.”—Charlie Munger

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22. “When we allow ourselves to show some patience and take time to listen to the others, we may learn a lot about ourselves. Patience does not endure instant gratification, though, and self-knowledge may take a lifetime.”Erik Pevernagie

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23. “Self-discipline is often disguised as short-term pain, which often leads to long-term gains. The mistake many of us make is the need and want for short-term gains (immediate gratification), which often leads to long-term pain.”—Charles F. Glassman

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24. “The lure of your long-term satisfaction must be greater than the lure of your short-term gratification.” Tony Curl

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25. “To become grateful, I must learn that I can handle disappointment and delayed gratification with grace and perseverance. This is why practices such as fasting and simplicity are such powerful tools for transformation. The experience of frustration and disappointment is irreplaceable in the development of a grateful heart.”—John Ortberg

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26. “The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable prerequisite for success.”—Brian Tracy

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27. “Sometimes what we lack is the thrill of anticipation or the delay of gratification. We enjoy things far more when we’ve really desired them but had to wait for them. The real value is found in our self-control and patience, which allows us to delay gratification and build anticipation.”Cristin Frank

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28. “It takes patience to become the best runner you can be. Top athletes realize that running is a long-term sport. It is set up for people who value delayed gratification and who like hard-earned success.”—Antony Famiglietti

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29. “How often is not the prospect of future happiness thus sacrificed to one’s impatient insistence upon an immediate gratification?”Marcel Proust

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30. “Incessantly demanding that I am given some ‘thing’ today may very well destroy the role that it was going to play in my life tomorrow.” Craig D. Lounsbrough

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31. “Love is the wanting and the having, and the choosing, and the becoming. Love is the desire to see the person we love be and become all he or she is capable of being and becoming. Love is a willingness to lay down our personal plans, desires, and agenda for the good of the relationship. Love is delayed gratification, pleasure, and pain. Love is being able to live and thrive apart, but choosing to be together.”—Matthew Kelly

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32.“Mastery of impulse is all about self-discipline and choice. The mind is a powerful tool with which we have the ability to be in control of ourselves.”Alaric Hutchinson

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33.“Ultimately, the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself.”Elie Wiesel

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34. “Sexual temptations are lurking around every corner in our lives today! Resisting the temptation to gratify the flesh is a full-time job.”Gary Rohrmayer

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35. “Actually, the substitution of the reality-principle for the pleasure-principle denotes no dethronement of the pleasure-principle, but only a safeguarding of it. A momentary pleasure, uncertain in its results, is given up, but only in order to gain in the new way an assured pleasure coming later.” —Sigmund Freud

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