10 Ways to Develop High Personal Effectiveness

What is Personal Effectiveness?

Personal effectiveness is the capability to get positive results after engaging in useful activities.

It is a skill of utilizing all resources available such as personal skills, abilities, strengths etc. in a useful way.

Why do some people struggle too much and accomplish little while others seem to accomplish a lot with seemingly little effort?

People with personal effectiveness do what they have to do and they do it well.

The main benefit of striving to be effective in your life is that it improves your overall quality of life.

It leads to productiveness, self-confidence, high self-esteem, fulfilment, and happiness.

Every accomplishment that comes your way is a result of your own effort.

Personal effectiveness leads to success. How exhilarating it is when you achieve the goals that you set for yourself!

Life is enjoyable and valuable when you strive to be personally effective.

Try the following ways to develop high personal effectiveness to achieve success and optimum personal growth.

1. Know and practice your values

You can’t achieve personal effectiveness when you act outside your value system. Everyone lives by some beliefs that guide their behaviour.

When you act like someone who has no values, there’s no chance for improving your effectiveness in whatever actions you pursue.

What is most important to you? What makes you disappointed in regard to other people’s behaviour? And do you behave in the way you expect others to behave in an ideal situation?

For instance, when you demand honesty from other people, be an honest person, to begin with.

May what you do and what you value be the same. when you go against your values, your self-confidence, self-esteem will suffer thereby minimizing your ability to be effective in whatever you do.

Have the discipline to practice your values when pursuing your goals. Your values will give you the strength and motivation to follow your desired course of action. 

Therefore, find out what your values are and live accordingly.

Here is a list of some values which promote personal effectiveness:

  • integrity
  • inner peace
  • honesty
  • diligence
  • patience
  • persistence
  • truth
  • punctuality
  • courage
  • discipline

2. Make clear decisions

Set clear goals on what you intend to achieve in your personal life, career, business, and finance. Start by being clear on what you need to accomplish to consider yourself successful.

There is no stopping you when you are clear on what you want and therefore determined to achieve the intended outcome. Give your mind specific messages so that you can find the will to carry on with your goals.

Set specific goals and outline the specific expected results that you desire. When your mind receives clear messages rather than generalities, you will be energized in your pursuit for success. Having a clear vision will enhance personal effectiveness since clarity breeds focus and better results.

3. Prioritize

You will receive the greatest payoff with the work you need to do when you set priorities. Do the most important thing that needs to be done. Have a viable plan whereby the activities you deem to be the most important come first.

Prioritizing will boost your focus on the job on hand, thus increasing your personal effectiveness. Make it a habit to prioritize the most essential things which will determine your success.

Avoid the temptation to multi-task or procrastinate so that you can focus on what you are doing and be effective.

Get distractions such as debt out of the way. Be organized and systematic. One fantastic way to prioritize involves making clusters of priorities e.g. classifying them into ABC categories as shown below:

A- list urgent actions that MUST BE DONE

B-list necessary actions that WILL BE DONE

C-list additional actions that CAN BE DONE

To prioritize means: never do the C items when the A items are still pending. Do things which you have to do and avoid focusing on less important things. In short, be assertive about schedule your priorities and make the best use of your time.

4. Keep up to date

A diary of your expected actions. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you do not need reminders to keep a schedule.

However, sometimes cognitions can be affected by personal circumstances or unexpected events. Having a diary or scheduling reminders on your phone can go along way in ensuring that you handle things effectively. Keep yourself updated in your field.

Go with the times, don’t be left behind. Just as times are changing, so is the definition of personal effectiveness. Thus, be updated. Also, keep up with technology.

Technology has become part of our lives. Use tech devices to make your life easier. Strive for a paperless existence where possible.

5. Take care of your health

You cannot do your best when you are ill, therefore, take care of your physical and mental fitness. Maintain healthy eating habits and take time to rest e.g. a vacation from work.

Overworking can lead to burnout which lowers personal effectiveness. Avoid unhealthy habits like overindulgence in alcohol or drugs. Food is a basic need for your body, therefore, maintain healthy eating habits.

Additionally, ensure that your mental health is taken care of. Manage your emotions and stressful situations in your life.

If dealing with overwhelming life stressors or you find it tough to let go of the past which is weighing you down, seek professional assistance through a mental health expert.

Good health is key to personal effectiveness since you will be energetic, productive, and enthusiastic about tasks which you need to accomplish. On the other hand, poor health causes fatigue, bad image, and poor ability to cope with stressors.

6. Gain skills and apply them until you are a master

There is no end to learning which means gaining new knowledge and skills. Always keep working toward professional development by improving your professional skills and soft skills. 

Then, dedicate yourself to applying your skills and become proficient in whatever you do. The more you advance your knowledge and skill set the more your efficacy in whatever you do.

Work with all your heart and mind at your chosen field. When you are clear about your values decisions and priorities, specialize in the most relevant skills needed to accomplish your goals.

Seek opportunities to ameliorate and utilize your expertise e.g. attend conferences, participate in workshops or seek further education.

7. Look for support

Accept assistance when you need it- moral support or actual support. The company you keep can either hamper or enhance your personal effectiveness. Keep the company of people who support you and challenge you with ideas.

Also, sometimes you need to delegate tasks to minimize being overwhelmed with work. Doing too much can harm your energy and concentration. As a result, you may underperform.

You can hire someone to do the group “B” and “C” actions for you while you focus on the more important “A” tasks. Personal effectiveness is about doing your best.

Therefore, if you are in a position to give other people assignments don’t hesitate to. If you are not in a position to delegate, remember to prioritize.

8. Be self-motivated

Do not wait to be pushed to do what you gotta do to achieve your goals. If you need to read for that exam, then will yourself to study.

No one can be personally effective for you. It takes personal efforts to be inspired and self-motivated. Keep in mind your vision and remember that you cannot achieve what you want unless you take action to work toward it.

Some days can be slow and lack enthusiasm, but knowing what is at stake can motivate you to continue working toward your goal.

Remember what the greatest reward will be when you have reached where you want to be.

For this, you need to be self-disciplined. Find goals that you are passionate about, and become engrossed in them. And when you have accomplished something worthwhile, celebrate it.

9. Practice good communication skills

You need to be a good communicator to become personally effective since you don’t live in a vacuum. You need the input of other people either directly or indirectly to succeed and deal with conflicts among people who you interact with.

Therefore, effective communication has a significant influence on your personal effectiveness. Effective communication means being able to listen to the other person and to articulate your motives, feelings, and requirements in a respectful way.

Promise only what you have the ability to deliver, keep your promises after you utter them, and say “No!” when necessary.

Remember, you are not just communicating with others, you are also communicating with yourself.

What you tell yourself will shape your thinking and serve your motivations to accomplish or not to accomplish the desired result.

10. Be consistent

Success comes from established consistent habits. It’s important for your actions to be consistent with your values and vision. You can’t expect to be effective when you squander a lot of time in reckless activities that are not in line with your goals. What you desire and what you do to achieve the desired end should always be in agreement. 

The result of consistent effort will be more valuable than the result of sporadic actions since you will save time.

In addition, when you keep doing the required job over and over again, you get better at it. Persist despite the obstacles that you may encounter.

You can’t be personally effective when you give up at the slightest occurrence of a hardship.

Having made the above habits part of your daily living, make your work enjoyable and fun.

It’s hard to be effective when you are forcing yourself to do something that you do not enjoy doing.

If you do not like what you are doing find ways to make the work more fun, or quit it and do something else after careful analysis of your situation.

Life is for living. Keep living. don’t give up.

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