5 Ways to Claim your Life Moment by Moment through Self-awareness

Boost your self-awareness and understand your human nature by taking a contemplative stance. Life will become more enjoyable and active despite the hardships that you encounter.

You live a great part of your life in the mind. It’s an undeniable fact of human nature. Your mind controls how you deal with other facets of your life. We often seek happiness in external things.

Yet, happiness is a state that stems from within. That’s why mental illnesses associated with mood affect everyone no matter what kind of material wealth they have.

Focussing too much on outer conditions results in losing the use of your own internal conditions. Increased self-awareness is the idea behind meditation practices.

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A fulfilling life starts from within and not from what you show the world. Developing self-awareness has a great impact on your level of fulfilment in life.

The process of owning yourself is more spiritual and psychological than physical.

The following suggestions will remind you to own yourself and to claim your life moment by moment.

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1. Analyze your own experiences.

The media never lacks a juicy story about some known public figure and what they have done, the mistakes they have made and other kinds of mediocre gossip.

Following other people’s experiences does not add value to your life unless you are learning from them and not just using them as a way to feel better about yourself.

Your own experience is your greatest teacher.

What have you been through? And what are you going through? Then what do you desire to experience? How have your experiences shaped you and your thinking?

Which is your favourite memory? Which is your worst memory?

What have you learned from the experiences that you have had in life? Are you applying the lessons which you have learned in your daily life?

The way your life has been since childhood shapes your future. With this in mind do what you can to shape your future in the direction you would like it to take.

Constantly examine your daily experiences in life as they come. Then, tailor them to be in line with your values and goals. Based on your experiences, make the necessary changes and commit to lifelong self-improvement.

2. Examine your own consciousness.

Each part of your consciousness is all your own and that’s the proof of your existence. Claim your life by owning your thoughts.

Have you ever examined the experience of being alive and having the ability to do what you do?

Who are you when you remove all the social labels imparted on you by society?

It’s easy to take your consciousness for granted. However, you don’t have to wait until you face a near-death experience before valuing your consciousness. Attend to the exhilarating feeling of being a conscious being.

How often do you breathe consciously?

Take a few deep conscious breaths now. That is the feeling of being alive. It’s beautiful and such a privilege to be conscious of yourself and your surroundings.

Conscious self-awareness breeds a high level of freedom. You get to own each part of yourself rather than being controlled by external opinions and other people’s ideas.

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3. Explore your sensory expressions.

You bear the entire form of human nature when all your senses interact. If you have a disability with some of your senses, nature has a way of making you adapt by heightening the senses that you do have.

We can see, hear, touch, smell and feel. You can consciously harness the ability to maximize the use of your senses.

Notice your sensory expressions, learning them and explore them. Having self-awareness in regard to your sensory abilities will enable you to predict them.

What feelings do you experience under different circumstances? Which feeling do you like to experience?

Can you elicit it internally without the use of external stimulation?

Go beyond the fear of feeling. Let yourself feel both positive and negative emotions while noting the effect.

4. Experience your body and it’s functions.

Have you ever asked yourself how your life would be without your little finger? It’s easy to take it for granted because you have it. In good health you rarely worry about health, instead, you worry about other external pursuits like acquiring wealth.

Nonetheless, when your health dwindles, and you appreciate good health.

Furthermore, bed rest becomes your time to self-reflect and recognize where your body hurts. If you have the privilege of good health now, appreciate it. Practice experiencing your bodily functions every day.

If people would take time to examine the special ways that the body works, they would b awed by the engineer who made it.

What can your body and feel? What amazing things can you do with your body?

People who use their bodies for artistic endeavours such as professional acrobats and dancers learn to experience their bodily functions. They monitor their bodies’ movements and nutritional requirements.

Each individual dancer knows how to control the body through focus.

Apply this principle in your life. Improve your self-awareness of the body. Seek to understand your body and maintain good health.

5. Make a habit of solitary reflection.

To develop high self-awareness solitary reflection is key. Through the process of solitary reflection, your true nature will unfold before you.

Ultimately, you will transform your consciousness and have better control of your actions with minimal influence from the external world. Understanding the pattern of your behaviour.

Claim the moment and enjoy a fulfilling existence. Despite your skin colour, body size or body shape, your mind still works the same way.

Therefore, it’s the most powerful tool you can use to improve yourself. Practice frequent meditation. Make a habit of setting aside time for yourself where you take a deep honest look into yourself.

May your intention be to be peaceful with who you are. Embrace both your strengths and imperfections. At times sickness that results from stress is your mind and body communicating that you need to pause and reflect.

In conclusion, it’s important to first seek validation and understanding from within. People often turn to external conditions in order to seek enjoyment in life.

We go out of ourselves and forget to understand what’s within. Sometimes what we seek externally is often a cover-up to mask from ourselves and others what we really wish could be happening within.

Enjoy being the person you are. Rightfully enjoy your own being. Self-awareness leads self-acceptance. You don’t live to be seen or to impress them since you are already impressed with yourself.

Understanding yourself gives you the ability to understand others too. What you claim for yourself, also give to others and enjoy fulfilling relationships as well.

Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

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