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Why Your Life Feels Empty

What does empty life mean? When people say they feel empty they are referring to lack of contentment, satisfaction, and joy of living.

An empty life entails a sense of bitterness, hopelessness, and despair. It lacks contentment, love, and fulfilment. On the extreme end, you feel nothing. It’s hard to see the bright side of life when beset with emptiness.

It’s no surprise that the thriving businesses in the world pressure people with promises of success and quick fixes to appeal to this sense of having an empty life.

Therefore, you might succumb to this pressure by filling your life with material pursuits and satisfying uncontrolled passions as an attempt to experience a satisfying and meaningful life.

However, it’s a vain pursuit. You may feel like life is empty and meaningless despite achieving so much.

Why Your Life Feels Empty

Everyone has their own reasons for feeling like they have an empty life. Maybe once upon a time, their life was “full,” but then they lost something (or someone) and they miss that feeling. Maybe life has never been satisfying enough for them and they see other people enjoying it while they have nothing to enjoy. You know better why your life feels empty. And if you think you don’t know your reasons for feeling “I have an empty life,” you haven’t thought about it enough. Naturally, you have the answer to that question, “why does my life feel empty?”

The joy of material possessions, money and wealth is often temporary and people often realize this too late in life. Don’t be among them.

Do you want a fulfilling life?

Don’t chase materialistic goals for that purpose. An empty life, won’t be filled with nice things. You can have everything, but feel empty in life.

Satisfaction and the joy of living cannot be found in the physical space which many people are busy looking at. An empty life can only be filled by achieving a certain state of mind.

Is life empty and meaningless? Do you feel undeserving of life, empty, or unworthy?  Grab a copy of this book. You can always turn a page during your down moments and be uplifted by encouraging words from a human being who has experienced moments of emptiness in life. Find out what helped me to find healing, and discover your own healing as well. Just click on the image.

the big dilemma by sophy chunge

This empty-life-quote describes the emptiness in life in a simpler way and at the same time offers you a solution:

“The emptiness in our lives is due to the ‘absence of all the right things,’ and the ‘presence of all the wrong things.’ And if there’s some sort of silver-lining to be found in feeling empty, it’s that we’ve been successful at doing both of the above.”

Craig D. Lounsbrough

What to Do About Your Empty Life

Seeking happiness in material things is a never-ending process. The more you try to fill the emptiness with material things, the more you expand the emptiness.

Thus, the feeling of an empty life becomes an endless abyss since you have to constantly pursue riches, social recognition, sex, or power to fill it. You will never be satisfied if you strive to fill your empty life with material things.

Money and all that money can buy, will give you glorious moments of temporary satisfaction. But, as soon as the moment passes you are back to feeling like you have an empty life.

You are more than your body and what others consider you to be. To stop living an empty life, you need to acquire mental peace and joy of living. You need to stop focusing on all “the wrong things” and start focusing on “the right things.”

The joy of living is a state of mind. Therefore, to achieve that state, you have to stop looking at the physical space only. You must focus on satisfying the untouchable parts of you. These are:

  1. Your mentality including your attitudes and viewpoints
  2. Your spirituality including your relationship with your creator and other people

Check out the following ways to reduce the experience of an empty life. They are based on the aforementioned two principles: your mentality and your spirituality.

Be authentic in your brokenness, don’t escape it.

An empty life isn’t always a bad thing because it means you have a lot of possibilities to fill your life with. You are free to make new choices, meet new people, set new goals and do things differently.

Obviously, how you have been running your life is not working, therefore, have the courage to be authentic about that and make the necessary changes.

Furthermore, your reason for feeling empty might be the motivation you need to appreciate your life and that of significant others.

Here is a nice poem on empty life to encourage you:

When the days become dark
The nights become cold
And all there is, is an empty soul

Believe you can escape your plight
Even when relief is out of sight
Don’t you dare give up the fight
Don’t you dare
By Evy Michaels

Pursue creative and fun activities

Many awesome artists, musicians, authors, poets, and other creatives have been inspired by the feeling of having an empty life. So can you.

What fun activities do you enjoy doing? Try something different from what you have been doing. Do something that is fun and rewarding.

Fun activities will not fill an empty life, but they can help you find something that you are passionate about in life. When you do something that you love, even when the financial gains might not be good, you’ll be happier and content.

Engage in acts of kindness

How do you treat the people around you? How you relate to your family, other people around you (e.g. fellow students, co-workers, employees, neighbours) will affect your quality of life.

I don’t think there is any bully in the world who lives a full life. They have to put others down to feel good. On the other hand, kind people are happier. They have attained a spiritual capacity of compassion. Hence, they do not strive for their own benefit, but they care about others.

Therefore, share your material possessions with those in need, hold a door for someone. Do something nice for someone every day without expecting recognition for it. Soon after reading this article, get up and show someone some kindness.

Show more love and no hatred

Love others instead of overly criticizing and judging them. When you love others, you love yourself more. When you tear others down, you worsen your own state of unworthiness and emptiness.

How you treat others is a reflection of yourself, and not of who the other person is. No wonder Jesus said the greatest of all commandments is simply to love others as you love yourself. In fact, he even urges “love your enemy.”

There’s so much fulfilment in love than in hate. And the most important love you need is your love for God. There’s an emptiness that only God can fill.

Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

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