How to Deal With People Who Trigger Your Anger.

Anger is a normal emotion which sometimes can be channelled for good use. However, anger can trigger irrational responses and even lead to broken relationships and poor decision-making.

It’s important to deal with others in a way which will not ruin beneficial interactions with them. How do you deal with people who trigger angry feelings in you? In an interpersonal situation, where you have some sort of interaction with people, be wise enough to forgive those people.

How do you deal with people who make you angry?

Firstly, recognize this: people don’t make you angry, what people do or say make you angry. It’s not like they have a key they turn on your emotions to make you angry or calm. Anger is a personal emotion which arises from pain or hurt. Don’t blame people for an emotion which is entirely your own responsibility. You are the one feeling it. You are the one who can choose to nurture it or let it go.

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Depending on the relationship with the person who hurt your feelings, communicate to them how their behaviour made you feel. Let them know you were hurt. And leave it at that. Never ever expect them to ask for forgiveness.

How can you forgive them? In the human experience, someone else will be in the same position you are in right now. And you will be the one on the other end. How would you like to be treated in case you anger someone?

Why is it wise to forgive people who trigger your anger? Simple. Forgiveness is good for you. The only person who will get burnt by your anger is yourself. Therefore, choose forgiveness. Holding on to the anger is not healthy for your mind. Can a mind full of resentment and vengeful thoughts ever be at peace?

In addition, staying angry gives the other person power over you. Reclaim your power over your own emotions and life. If they can impact you so greatly that you consider they made you angry and afraid to upset them, well, seems they have enormous power over you.

Deal as you would like to be dealt with

Remember this, you cannot please everyone. If you have a circle of five friends one, of them, secretly harbours negative feelings for you. That’s just how brutal interpersonal relationships can be.

Maybe you dislike someone too, and anything they do makes you angry. Always remember it could be you on the other end, and act according to how you would like to be treated in such a situation.

You can’t live your life in fear of upsetting people. If you try to do so, life will become unbearable.

No matter how nice you are, some people will be upset because of your action or inaction and some people will also think you made them angry. Some people will be angry simply because you are you.

Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

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