5 Key Benefits of Controlling Desires

Controlling strong desires entails letting go of the attachment you have to them. You have mastered individual power if you can control the desires of your body and mind. Having desire involves wanting and craving for things, people or certain pleasures. Thus, to control desires means not letting your wants and urges to guide your actions. Instead, act in accordance with the calculated choice and avoid rushing to fulfil your desires.

Don’t for a moment think there’s something wrong with you for having desires. The wrongness of it all comes when you act recklessly, or brazenly, to fulfil the desires. 

Having desires is a normal part of being a human being. For instance, having the desire to succeed is helpful to you and others who will benefit from your desire to succeed. The hurdle is harming yourself or others to fulfil your desires.

The habit of immediate gratification of uncontrolled desires ignores boundaries and reduces your sense of right and wrong.

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A habit of controlling desires has the opposite effect and has many benefits. In this article, I identify 5 key benefits of controlling your desires. 

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The 5 key benefits of living a life of controlled desires include the following:

  1. Freedom of blessed ecstasy
  2. Deliverance of lust
  3. Self-control mastery
  4. Freedom from addiction
  5. Self-respect

Freedom of blessed ecstasy

Ecstacy is the good feeling of joyfulness, great satisfaction or happiness. This great feeling makes human beings to enjoy life. It’s possible to achieve ecstasy without falling into the trap of strong desires which cause more harm than good in the end. In the pursuit for ecstasy, you might succumb to behaviours which bring temporary ecstasy like using intoxicating drugs and alcohol, pornography, gambling, and promiscuity. Such behaviours only cause shame, self-loathing, and at times suicidal thoughts. However, seeking ecstasy in the confines of lawful and acceptable ways in the society can give you the freedom to enjoy your desires without feeling guilty about them or having to hide from the law. 

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Deliverance from lust

Lusty sexuality leads to infidelity in marriage and immorality in the general populations. Such things make it difficult to gain the trust of loved ones, might kill your self-perception and put you at risk of avoidable diseases.  Getting deliverance from lust, therefore, has clear benefits for you and your loved ones. 

Self-control mastery

Self-control is the ability to repress your emotions, thoughts, and impulses. The more you practise controlling desires the more you develop self-control. You can become a master of self-control in all areas of your life which need self-control by making a habit of controlling your desires. Self-control provides inhibition of desires which can lead to harmful consequences to yourself and others. When you practise controlling desires, you will develop self-control of heroic proportions.   

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Freedom from addiction

Common addictions in the modern world include drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, eating, and phone addiction. Addicts who have learned the art of controlling desires can successfully stay away from previous addictions. If you are not an addict to fulfilling certain desires yet, then keep on controlling your desires. The habit of controlling desires, if sustained, will help you to either overcome addictions or never be addicted to self-injurious behaviours. Give way to a constraint of will when faced with an addictive pattern. 

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You will respect yourself and earn the respect of significant others if you sustain the habit of controlling your desires. If you don’t fall for self-perpetuating biological urges any time they arise, you develop self-respect which is a requirement for peace of mind. Your desires are self- perpetuating, meaning they come from within and you cannot blame anyone for causing it. Thus, regulating desires is beneficial to how you view yourself. 

Final Word

Everyone has desires in life which we wish to exercise more control. Whether it’s the temptation to scroll through social media during an important meeting, sex, narcotics, or eating unhealthy foods, you can improve your ability to control self-perpetuating desires. 

Clearly, there is power in driving your passions instead of being driven by them. Pursue a life, not dominated by uncontrolled passions, longing, anger, overeating, or other strong desires. 

Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.  

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