5 tips to improve self-acceptance

5 Easy Ways to Improve Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is beneficial since it will lead to mental peace, contentment, and happiness. Personal growth, creativity, transcendence, authenticity, and peace of mind, are results of self-acceptance.

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With self-acceptance, you can:
• Grow continuously and maximize your potential.
• Transcend barriers you never knew you were capable of.
• Be authentic in all facets of your life even when criticised or praised.
• Maintain peace of mind no matter what you go through.
• Increase your energy and creative performance.

That all sounds good, but how do you achieve these benefits?

How to Gain the Benefits of Self-acceptance

1. Self-acceptance and personal growth

Don’t put your growth before your self-acceptance. Put your self-acceptance first and growth will follow. Growth doesn’t lead you to a place of self-acceptance, self-acceptance leads you to growth. For when you say you have to reach some goals first before you can accept yourself, what happens to you at this moment?

Growth doesn’t lead you to a place of self-acceptance, self-acceptance leads you to growth.


In the cause of pursuing growth, you will encounter some failures and unavoidable setbacks. You will make mistakes and probably hurt someone. Therefore, if you believe you can only accept yourself after reaching a certain level, you might never get there.

Accept yourself now, as you are, at this moment, and being willing to change, improve, and love the person you are becoming. People who practise self-acceptance grow continuously—financially, emotionally, and mentally.

2. Self-acceptance and transcendence

With self-acceptance, you will transcend biases against yourself which you have carried from the past, hence, destroying barriers you never knew you were capable of. You may hold beliefs about yourself that thwart accepting yourself because of past experiences like;
• being unaccepted
• constantly being put down and discouraged
• accepting other people’s negative judgements as valid

Such experiences may have begun within the family as you grew up and you use them to invalidate yourself. A history of pains, humiliations or deficits suffered in the past threatens your ability to fully accept yourself by setting conditions you need to override because they are unreasonable.

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Self-acceptance pushes you to transcend obstacles, insults, and negative judgements from others. Therefore, you reach a level of self-love that is not hard to fade because you don’t need any other human being to validate your existence. Set the standards for your self-acceptance. Evaluate yourself based on your experiences, not other people’s conditions of what is acceptable to them of you.

Self-acceptance pushes you to transcend obstacles, insults, and negative judgements from others


3. Self-acceptance and authenticity

Authenticity involves recognizing and accepting both your strengths and weaknesses. Be authentic in all facets of your life—when criticised or praised. Take pride in your imperfections, and be willing to change what you can. Accept criticism and praise from other people if there’s truth in them and can contribute to your growth.

Take responsibility when you make a mistake or hurt others. When you set perfectionistic standards for yourself, you may be subconsciously trying to live up to the “perfect person” as defined by your society. You may forget to treat yourself with compassion because society fails to do so as well.

Love yourself as you are—your appearance, preferences, achievements and any other things which define you. Be proud of your strengths without seeking other’s approval of them.

It’s not about overlooking your shortcomings but recognizing those you can change and those you have to live with your whole life. In this way, self-acceptance promotes your authenticity, and authenticity promotes your self-acceptance. Regardless of your weaknesses, you can accept yourself as you are today.

4. Self-acceptance and peace of mind

Peace of mind is a state of calmness without unnecessary worries and anxieties. When you practise self-acceptance peace of mind is one of the results because you rarely worry about other people’s hatred, negative judgements or unjust accusations. You don’t use other people’s negative perceptions of you to judge and hate yourself. Instead, if they are right, you forgive yourself and work on improving, and if they are wrong you ignore them and get on with life.

Self-acceptance helps to maintain peace of mind no matter what you go through. It involves your readiness to identify parts of the self that you may be in denial about such as your weaknesses, expectations toward others or problematic and self-sabotaging behaviours. Instead of becoming defensive, make peace with these parts of yourself, then make the necessary changes required.

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5. Self-acceptance and creative energy

Self-acceptance releases you from the bondage of relying on other people’s approval to be happy or to measure your worth. It increases your energy and creative performance. Thus, there’s less of people-pleasing and more of you doing things because you want to.

Self-acceptance releases you from the bondage of relying on other people’s approval to be happy or to measure your worth.


Your creative energy becomes unlimited when you are more self-accepting. Your actions will be compelled by your desire to do something worthwhile without the fear of people’s criticisms.

It’s hard to tap into your creative energy if you fear failure and you are afraid of people’s opinions, or negative criticism. To overcome this barrier to creativity, work on self-acceptance. Believe in yourself and your abilities. You make decisions freely, not because you want to please someone.

Final Word

You don’t have to quit life. You can improve self-acceptance. If you have a difficult time doing so, look for assistance. Get the services of a professional counsellor or psychotherapist. Sometimes you don’t need to go so far, you may simply talk to a trusted loved one or mentor for guidance.

Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

Here is one self-acceptance affirmation to say to yourself every day:
“I am human, I am me”

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