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Fix Negative Mindset with these 21 Habits

This article suggests how to fix a negative mindset using 21 positive habits. If having a negative mindset affects your interpersonal relationships, career, education, or social life, it becomes toxic. Keep reading.

Why Fix a Negative Mindset?

It begins with habits. A habit is an activity you repeat frequently until it becomes default behaviour. Therefore, toxic habits cause a toxic mindset.

The solution to a negative mindset is not to focus on 100% positive thinking. However, it involves training your mind to establish behaviour which ignites positive outcomes like growth and change.

Positive thinking is not easy to sustain especially after a long time of reinforcing your negative mindset. You’ll realise that major mindset change happens one step at a time.

To change to a more positive mindset involves moving beyond the negative biases you already hold about the world, people, or yourself.

You can change a negative mindset to positive with simple do-it-yourself interventions. A shift of mindset is a choice and it starts with how you behave in daily life.

A shift of mindset is a choice and it starts with how you behave in daily life.

Your mindset is rooted in what you do. Thus to fix a negative mindset, fix what you do.

21 Habits to Fix a Negative Mindset.


1. Be Mentored to Fix Negative Mindset

An ideal mentor is a person who has already achieved what you desire to achieve too. Other people, you may consider “ordinary” can also be your mentors. They might have gone through the same difficulties you are experiencing and still continued living.

Achievers have one thing in common, they started with a positive mindset and deep-seated belief that they can do it. Thus, be willing to appreciate and receive mentorship from those who have already achieved.

2. The Habit of Assertion

Stop saying yes to everything. Having a positive mindset does not mean becoming a “yes person” and accepting every suggestion, advice or request without assertion.

On the contrary, form a habit of saying “no” confidently and don’t give excuses. You don’t have to feel guilty of being assertive when you know you are not able to go ahead of someone’s request.

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3. Pursue Meaningful Goals

Goal setting isn’t enough. Action is the key to achieving them. Set goals and make the necessary actions needed to achieve them.

Having a goal that makes you get up in the morning, puts you on the way to achieving personal effectiveness in life. Achieving your goals fixes your negative mindset because of the sense of accomplishment that results.

Furthermore, when you are busy pursuing your goals, will you waste your time and energy wallowing in negativity? Likely not.

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4. Form a Positive Routine

Your life is shaped by your daily routine which creates habits. Your routine defines “how” you are. All activities you do, see and feel, reflect your routine. Improve your chance of sustaining a positive mindset by choosing a routine which enhances the health of your body and mind.

Start with getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and exercising (mental and physical exercises.) You may have a sleeping-and-waking-up routine that facilitates a negative mindset.

For instance, not getting enough sleep, or sleeping too much can make you fatigued both in mind and body. Therefore, a change of routine is one way to fix a negative mindset.

5. Keep Your Finances in Check

The ability to meet your basic needs is surprisingly gratifying. It can be a challenge to keep a positive mindset when you are overcome with financial difficulties and debts.

Financial freedom helps to fix a negative mindset. So, if you have a source of income, practice living within your means (or below it if possible.)

By living comfortably within your means, you’ll avoid getting into bad debt and instead be able to invest or save money.

6. The Habit of Being True to Who You Are

Do you believe you are attractive only because you know someone else who isn’t?

If you feel you are the best person in the room, what happens when you meet someone who seems better than you in other aspects of life?

Let me burst your bubble: everybody is better than you in one way or another.

Therefore, comparisons lead to discontentment, jealousy, and petty rivalries. How’s that going to fix a negative mindset?

Work on your own improvement without the need for undue social comparisons with others. See number 11 below.

When you base your self-acceptance on comparison to others it’s a good breeding ground for a negative mindset. The chances of becoming an overcritical and bitter person are so high.

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7. Fix Negative Mindset by Self-improvement

It’s important to keep seeking ways to grow as an individual. As you pursue external needs like a career or love, ensure the development of your physical, spiritual, and mental health too. These are needs which if neglected can cause burnout or depression.

So, learn a new skill or language even if it isn’t helping you to get money. Interact with people who have different opinions from yours without getting angry about it. It’s thought-provoking and can expand your mind.

Personal development involves continuous learning and changing for the better. Thus, it’s a practical way to help change a negative mindset to positive.

8. Fix Negative Mindset by Embracing Change

Resistance to change creates anxiety and regret. Do not be afraid to explore and try out new things like new clothes, foods, jobs, and towns. Instead of festering in melancholy and frustrations, be ready to adapt to change and embrace it.

It’s great to have some spontaneity in life by welcoming new experiences and changes. Cultivate a habit of seeking adventure.

Of course, it doesn’t mean Pirate-of-the-Caribbean-like Adventures. An adventure is a new experience that excites you and makes you happy.

It’s only through change that you grow, and when you are growing a positive mindset arises automatically. Even if you are in the most horrible situation, being negative doesn’t help. Try changing your habits to fix your negative mindset instead.

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9. Healthy Lifestyles Fix Negative Mindset

Take care of your body and mind. Which area of your lifestyle have you neglected? Mental? physical? When you eat, eat mindfully for your body and mental health.

Exercise both your body and mind too. Turn away from risky health habits like smoking, drug use, alcoholism, and promiscuity.

Drug use may seem like a nice way to drown your sorrows, but it doesn’t fix your mindset because it puts you at risk of becoming addicted.

Instead, form a habit of healthy eating, relaxation, and healthy sleep patterns.

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10. Leisure Habits

Get a side hustle. Engage in your hobby. Go for beauty therapy. It’s good to set aside time to do things which give you pleasure.

Don’t just work all the time, take a break. Spend time enjoying some positive indulgence like sports, checking on others, reading, writing, handy crafts, cycling and whatever it is you do for enjoyment.

You know best which activity you enjoy doing for pleasure. Engaging in leisure activities leads to improved physical and psychosocial states by lowering the level of depression and negative affect.

11. The Habit of Doing Your Best.

The way to be your best is continuous learning. Be willing to do what it takes to make the best version of your reality.

Imagine what your best self would do or say about a challenge you are facing.

Imagine what your best self would say about you if you were in the other person’s place.

Then, shift your mindset toward your best self.

Determine what toxic habits, people, or situations are no longer good for you and let them go. Start by releasing the small objects in your possession which have negative associations.

This will help you to release the bigger things which are blocking you from being the best version of yourself that you believe you can be. I doubt if in your definition of your best self includes having a negative mindset.

12. Fix Negative Mindset by Delayed Gratification

Make a habit of endurance. Having the mindset of wanting to see results quickly sets a whole range of traps in your life.

For instance, you might be sucked into gambling, debts, crime, or destroy useful relationships in your life because of seeking instant gratification.

Seeking the momentary thrill instead of delaying your satisfaction is good ground for the negative mindset to thrive.

A positive mindset is a byproduct of going through challenging and meaningful life events without giving up or seeking instant relief. It’s wisdom.

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13. Accept Your Emotions

Accept your emotions, don’t resist them. Note that suppressing negative emotions is not endurance. Suppression gives undesirable emotions more power and triggers a negative mindset. Whether good or bad, feelings often pass.

Are you conscious that your feelings are temporary? Being aware of your feelings helps you to focus on the practical side of things. Self-awareness is the first step to bypassing thoughts and emotions without losing succumbing to a constantly negative mindset.

At the end of the day, you cannot avoid pain. Steer the ship along with the current, not against it. Go with the flow without surrendering all control. But consciously exert control where you can.

Defining yourself by your feelings can promote your negative mindset. You are not your feelings. Instead of “I am sad,” say “I am feeling sad.”

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Go with the flow without surrendering all control. But consciously exert control where you can.

14. The Gratitude Habit

Stop and think about 10 things you are grateful for especially things that money can’t buy. For instance, your senses, ability to read, and your mind. Enjoy and appreciate your abilities, possessions, and privileges.

Be grateful for what or who you have, instead of complaining about what or who you don’t have. Gratitude motivates action, unlike complaining which keeps you ruminating about unpleasant things.

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Sometimes you have to complain, but if you make it a regular habit it causes stagnation instead of progress. Choosing to actively appreciate what you are fortunate to have promotes a positive mindset.

15. The Positive Self-talk Habit

Positive self-talk is the ability to talk to yourself the way you’d talk to a friend who needed your advice. Interpreting events, emotions, and conclusions objectively, is essential to creating a positive mindset.

Happiness is not sustained by experiencing positive life events only but, adjusting your perceptions. Self-talk can help you put things into perspective.

Therefore, when it seems like you can’t stop negative thinking, set aside some time in private and address yourself as if you are talking to someone else. Also, journaling is a great way to self-talk.

You talk to yourself all the time. But making positive self-talk a conscious habit is paramount. If positive self-talk doesn’t work for you, try a counsellor or psychotherapist to guide you through the process.

Interpreting events, emotions, and conclusions objectively, is essential to creating a positive mindset.

16. The Habit of Giving Cheerfully

Show kindness to people without expecting anything in return. It’s hard to be kind to people who can’t do anything for you.

Don’t quit too soon to help others because you think they don’t appreciate it. You’ll fall into the trap of complaining.

When you offer assistance, give it willingly without expecting something in return. It’s good for others, but also good for you. Jesus said there is more joy in giving.

Give things for free or volunteer your services to those who need them cheerfully, not as if compelled. If you feel compelled don’t, because it will just prolong your negative mindset.

17. Connect with People who Make You Smile

Your mindset will only be as positive or negative as the relationships you tolerate. Whether family, friends, or strangers, can be triggers of what state of mind you sustain.

Therefore, make purposeful connections with people who encourage the mindset growth you desire. Build relationships that matter to you.

Choose forgiveness, problem-solving and reconciliation instead of resentment. You can’t control online opinions, but you can choose what to follow. So, follow positive groups, organizations or people who focus on what’s positive.

18. Relaxation Habits Fix Negative Mindset

Take time to rest and relax. It’s not laziness if you do it moderately after accomplishing other important tasks.

Spend some time in dim light and think of pleasant places or images. Always find time to do that especially when you are going through tough times.

A psychotherapist may help you with this if it’s hard to do it on your own. Your counsellor may guide you through relaxation techniques including visualization and breathing exercises.

19. Tidying up and De-cluttering

Your house, work desk, office, car, business premises and other spaces often get messy. Keep your surroundings orderly and free of clutter at regular intervals.

The above concept applies to the abstract negative space too. Clean up your mind. You don’t have to fill every second of your life with negative thoughts or stuff to do.

20. Keeping a Good Posture

Physical exercises can help to maintain a good posture. The habit of sitting with drooping shoulders or slouching tires your body and mind. Sit up straight, stretch your muscles, and avoid the sedentary lifestyle.

If health issues prevent you from having good posture, your health care providers can give you proper guidance on that. For example, keep your body in good posture by use of pillows or special seats.

21. The Cuddling Habit

The sense of touch relieves stress by releasing endorphins (the happy hormones.) Thus, if you are deficient of touch you may develop a negative mindset.

If you are single, get a pet, pillow or teddy. Of course, everything in moderation otherwise it’ll become a bad habit. Spending time caring for pets can reduce stress.

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Final Word

Finding a mentor, being surrounded by people you who inspire you, and accepting emotions, embracing change, and other positive habits can give you a sense of purpose in life.

The above strategies will work only if you are genuine with yourself. You can’t fake a positive mindset. Your mindset reflects on external behaviour. You might be able to convince yourself, but it’s one of those aspects of human behaviour which you project to others.

It’s having a positive mindset, not thinking about it, that creates a life well-lived. To develop a positive mindset is a conscious choice. If you want your life to be different, change begins with your mindset.

Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

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