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How to Free Your Mind from Stress

Is it possible to free your mind and release mental stress? When overwhelmed with mental stress, there are some do-it-yourself strategies you can use to help the situation.

The psychological techniques discussed in this article are not cures, or guaranteed to succeed, but are ways to lighten the burden your mind has to bear by removing the mental chains that trap you in a negative mindset. 

Freeing your mind involves releasing mental burdens that are weighing you down and causing problems in various areas of your life.

Why Free Your Mind?

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Before learning how to free your mind, it’s important to remember the reasons why managing mental stress is good for your mental health.

You manifest mental stress through various forms of negative mental states. Anxiety causes stress. Grief is stressful. Failure is stressful. A low mood is stressful.

However, wonderful situations may also uniquely provoke stress. What positive situations may trigger stress?

Such overwhelming situations cause mental stress leading to mental illnesses if left unchecked. 

Think of a situation with expected positive outcomes and the added responsibilities. It may cause stress, though it ordinarily seems like a good thing.

  • Approaching deadlines, e.g. exams, submitting reports, etc.
  • A promotion at work.
  • Planning for a wedding.
  • Constructing or buying a house to call your own.
  • Travelling to interesting places or vacationing.
  • Hosting a social gathering at your house.

The above examples may trigger anxiety in the people involved. And anxiety is a normal innate mental state that motivates people. Only when anxiety impedes normal functioning, does it require attention and probably the help of mental health professionals. (Or an empathetic friend. Or maybe spiritual guidance.)

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5 Ways to Free Your Mind

The following are basic ways to free your mind. For these techniques of freeing your mind to succeed, you must believe they will, and you must work on them consistently.

Any human being doesn’t experience only one stressful event, but a chain of stressful events. This is the other reason freeing your mind is a constant process. It’s bailing yourself out of a mental prison.

You are released for a moment, but the chance of being arrested again remains. Thus, by making conscious choices not to go back to the pitiable situation, you increase your chances of being ready to unshackle yourself.

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1. Forgive yourself.

Liberate your mind from the extreme stress of holding yourself in a negative light by forgiving yourself. The hard part is to let yourself free of your self-criticism and loathing because of the mistakes you do.

When you make a mistake, and you realize it’s a mistake, you are way on your path to being a better person than you were before. But sitting on your mistakes without being willing to confront the lesson, and the impact to yourself or others, you might get stuck in a whirlwind of bitterness and low self-esteem.

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2. Forgive others.

Having the mentality of expecting people to always do and say the right thing at the right time and live to please you is setting yourself up for disappointment. Holding on to grudges, resentment, or bitterness promotes a negative mindset. It keeps your mind busy without the chance of rest which your mind so deserves.

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Forgiveness is a crucial element in personal growth. When you forgive, you become a better person. You give your mind room to keep moving forward instead of being stuck in a mental rut. When you forgive you are no longer held down by negativity like resentment, envy, and anger.

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3. Relieve anxiety.

The first obvious and seemingly impossible way to free your mind is to stop stressing it. Stop stressing your mind on the problem. Focus your thoughts on pleasant images. Take a moment to be grateful for the things you already have.

Give your mind a temporary distraction from your stressful situation. You will find your solution when the mind is clear rather than when strained. By giving your mind a break, you will relieve mental stress and find mental peace.

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4. Stop worrying.

Worrying doesn’t solve the problem but makes you remain in the problem for longer. If you let the worry to block the other necessary actions, you need to take.

Worry is only good if it helps you take action that solves the problem. So, sitting on your butt and worrying about your problems is a mere waste of time. If it’s done, it’s done. If it is yet to happen, it hasn’t happened. But you will tire your mind if you focus on what might happen instead of seizing the moment and make things happen.

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5. Treat yourself.

Take some time for physical and mental relaxation. Let the issues weighing you down out of your mind for a while by focusing on more positive thoughts. If your budget is okay, after making sure you have met your daily needs give yourself some loving attention.

Choose a gratifying and meaningful activity that makes you relax without getting into trouble with the authorities. The budget could be limited but you can treat yourself in ways that don’t need money. For example, take a few minutes in the morning for self-affirmation.

Say something you appreciate about yourself, even if it’s just getting out of bed or accomplishing a goal. Get into a daily regime that’ll make your body look better if you can e.g. exercise your body, have a beauty regime, eat a lot of fruits.

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Final Word

The five ways of freeing your mind mentioned above are a sure way to reduce anxiety, sadness, low mood, and other factors of a negative mindset. You can be stress-free and find inner peace by making the above suggestions a regular habit.

Set yourself free. Be unchained. Free your mind.

Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

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