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A Viable Blueprint for Overcoming Insecurities

You can conceal your insecurities and no doubt exude confidence. However, there are other ways of overcoming insecurities with long-lasting results.

In this context, insecurity means being uncertain about yourself, having self-doubt, or lacking confidence. 

Are you anxious about yourself? Perhaps you feel like you have low confidence. Or you are extremely worried about your appearance, how you talk, or how people view you. 

Does your romantic partner call you clingy, desperate, or jealous? No one wants to admit that they are feeling insecure. But if you are continually nervous, or concerned about your significant other, or yourself, it is time to fix your mindset.

I have shared with you a viable blueprint for overcoming insecurities below. But before that, it is necessary to identify the underlying cause of your insecurities.

What Causes Insecurities?


A history of criticisms by people whose opinion mattered to you may have contributed to your situation. You have internalized the negative demeaning words from these people. Hence, it makes you feel insecure about yourself and worried about how other people may be viewing you. 


A negative self-image that may be a result of the criticism as mentioned above. You think negatively about yourself in terms of skills, body image, or character traits. The information on the media can distort how you view life by comparing your reality with the seemingly perfect lives depicted by the world. You may be talented, beautiful, and successful, but if you don’t believe in yourself, you will have a poor self-image and be prone to failure.


Relying on the approval of others in many aspects of our life leads to insecurities. You base how you view yourself based on how you think others view you. Hence, you constantly compare yourself to others without believing in yourself. You are afraid of disapproval and negative criticisms from people. So, when you don’t get approval, you feel worthless.


You are not trustworthy. Hence, you always live in fear that other people are not trustworthy either. Or, you have experienced many instances of being betrayed and lack trust in people close to you. Hence, you doubt yourself in the same measure that you doubt others.


You have been abandoned or rejected by people you looked up to. Thus, you fear going through the experience of rejection again. You project this fear on others even when there is no valid reason to because you are trying to protect yourself from being rejected. 

Clearly, the problem with having many unbalanced insecurities is that it ruins your self-image, emotions, and relationships with other people. 

How can you be content with who you are? How can you overcome insecurities and be at peace with yourself?

Start Overcoming Insecurities 

You can overcome insecurities by adjusting your mindset. It can be an uncomfortable process, but worth it in the end since you will experience better relationships with people and improved quality of life. You need to cultivate courage before you can change your mindset. 

The following ways of overcoming insecurities involve adjusting your mindset.

Know who you are.

Knowing who other people are should not be the priority above knowing yourself. How you see and judge other people, reveals your insecurities but does not necessarily define who other people are.

5 Ways to Claim Your Life Moment by Moment through Self-awareness

You can overcome insecurities by believing in yourself without inflating your ego or lowering yourself and sinking into worthlessness. The first step is to always work on your self-awareness.

How you see and judge other people, reveals your insecurities but does not necessarily define who other people are.


Become the person you wish you were.

You may feel like a fraud and you are afraid people will see you for who you really are. There is something you should do that you are not doing. There’s something you are doing that you shouldn’t be doing.

Sometimes the problem only requires a change of mindset. Take steps to change your situation as much as possible. Thus, fix your mindset and habits to become the person who you would like to be. 

Fix your mindset and habits to become the person who you would like to be.


Accept yourself.

No matter what you do to imitate another person, you can never be the other. So, comparing yourself to others in order to feel like somebody will only make your insecurities worse. Self-acceptance is an important key to overcoming insecurities.

Once you accept yourself as you are (how you look and your abilities), you will develop a higher sense of self-worth and confidence.  Therefore, you are authentic in your behaviour and thoughts. 

Once you accept yourself as you are (how you look and your abilities), you will develop a higher sense of self-worth and confidence.


Get facts before decision-making.

Decisions that affect your life should not be based on hearsay or other people’s beliefs. Avoid believing you know people based on mere assumptions.

If they insult or demean you it does not mean they are right. Examine the facts first before letting other people’s opinion to crush you. If they are right, change, if they are wrong to ignore them before you take a step that will ruin your life.

Communicate and listen.

Be open about your feelings, first with yourself and what you can. Practise positive self-talk by focusing on your strengths. If another person is involved, communicate about it with them respectfully without raising your voice in anger.

Sometimes you may have a valid basis of feeling insecure or lacking trust in people close to you, but often it is just that, a feeling that results because of your thoughts. Communicate openly and be willing to hear others out as well before you make judgements.

Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

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