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What You Have to Deal with to Gain Inner Happiness

There are some basic issues that you have to deal with to gain inner happiness. Sometimes your own inner inclinations serve to defeat you.

You take moments and turn them into negative energy even when they do not deserve it.

You see a stranger and judge them because of how they are dressed or how they look.  It is not about them, it is your inner state. You make your inner world either good or bad.

No matter how bad you think people are to you, or how evil they have been to you, at the end of the day you decide how you feel inside.

Are you sabotaging your happiness through your thinking process?

If faced with an open mind, every moment is golden, and every person you meet is made in the image of God.

While identifying daily thinking patterns that you have to deal with to gain inner happiness your, remember it goes both ways. Either you are have been on the receiving end of consequences of other people’s thoughts, or you are the one directing the negative thoughts to others.

You either do it to people or people do it to you. So, examine yourself. You can change your thinking processes to get more of life, to easily spot golden moments and golden people.

The way you think influences how you experience the world. If you want joy, strength, and beauty all around you, you have to involve yourself in more positive than negative thinking patterns.

See the following issues that you have to deal with to live a happier and satisfying life. By dealing with these issues, you will gain inner happiness rather than try to show people that you are happy. You will not only look happy, but you will also be happy.

A Nasty Tongue

If you regularly criticise others but have a hard time giving people praise when it is due, it shows that you are significantly unhappy and dissatisfied with your life. Truly happy people have no time to be nasty to others and are less likely to be depressed. When you insult others with foul words or name-calling that’s a sign of immaturity and a person who lacks inner peace. In the event that you are at the receiving end of insults, remember it has nothing to do with you, and their words are a reflection of them, not of you. Do not weaken, do not heed them, instead keep doing your best.

Evil Thoughts

The mentality that other people are evil, and you are holier than them does not create an inner mental environment of joy. The world is full of evil people who perform outrageous atrocities to fellow human beings. However, not everyone is and hopefully, you are not. Believe the best in people unless they prove beyond doubt that they are filthy human beings. Otherwise, don’t exaggerate people’s badness to feel good about yourself. Don’t harbour evil plots against others. there is no happiness in that.

Living in Denial

Self-acceptance is a prerequisite for happiness and inner peace. Without it, regrets and guilt will pull you down to a point where life seems meaningless. When you make a mistake, and you genuinely know that you did it, even though you may fool the world, you cannot fool your heart. And how you see yourself matters more than how the world sees you with regard to contentment and happiness. Admit your mistakes, accept your weaknesses, and then work on self-improvement.

Painful Experiences

The deep grief you feel when you lose a loved one or things that you have worked hard to achieve is a normal feeling. You cannot hide or run away from emotional pain. Tying to will only cause further injury. Ruminating over the unpleasant experiences in your life ruins your mental wellbeing. Feel the grief, let the pain wash over you and at the end you will get some relief that cannot be achieved by suppressing the pain. Pain makes people angry, delusional and sometimes can lead to reckless actions. How you look at the painful experiences affects your happiness. Hence, try to find things to be grateful for despite the pain instead of wallowing in misery and rumination.

Despising People

The denigrations you unfairly direct at other people is a proof of lack of joy within.  People despise and bully others because they are trying to lower them and feel better about their incompetence. When you are criticised unfairly, judged without facts, and despised by others, remember they are the ones with the problem, and not you. Do not let them mess with your sense of worthiness. Everybody might not be important to you, but they are significant in the space they occupy. Treat people with kindness, starting with yourself, and you will gain inner happiness for a long time.

Life is for living. Keep living, Don’t give up.

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