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20 Simple Actions To Improve Self-Confidence

See the 20 actions you can apply in your life to improve self-confidence. These are deliberate actions that you make a choice about, not accidental. They will come in handy in situations of both low confidence and social anxiety.

There is no shortcut to self-confidence. Other people can assist you, but they cannot make you self-confident. You need to step up and be confident. Take the first step. Begin. That is it. Just Begin.

A self-confident person is not always confident. You might be confident in one situation but lack it in another. Hence, confidence is a quality you should keep working on throughout your life.

If you apply one or all of these actions and it helps you to improve self-confidence, I would love to hear your experience in the comment section.

20 Confidence Boosting Actions.

1.Deep breathing.

Breathing may seem like an obvious thing that you do automatically. Try  controlled breathing when you are not feeling confident. Take three to five deep breaths, and do what you intended to do. Breathing exercises help to improve self-confidence because of the calming effect. 

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2.Keeping a good posture.

How are you sitting or standing right now? Sit up straight so your spine is not in a curved position. Practise doing this all the time so that it can become part of your lifestyle. A confident posture will not only make you appear as confident, but also will make you feel more confident.

3.Wearing decent clothes.

Improving how you look on the outside is a huge confidence booster. Sometimes the reason you feel less confident is that you are not comfortable with your appearance. Perhaps you are wearing something that you do not feel confident in. Before you walk out the door, ensure you feel 100% confident in your attire considering your surroundings.

4. Eating healthy food.

Some foods trigger the brain to release stress hormones instead or happy hormones. When people are stressed, it can cause bloating or gas, acne, and other embarrassing things your body can do. It is difficult to exude confidence when you are in a low mood or feeling embarrassed about your body. Hence, improve self-confidence by cutting down unhealthy food and drinks. Instead, try having a regular balanced diet including a lot of fruits, vegetables, and water.

5. Living according to your values.

Doing the right thing improves self-confidence, but guilt and shame hinder it. Therefore, whatever you do, align it with your deeply held values especially your views of right and wrong. Avoid doing what you believe is wrong. If you engage in behaviour that goes against your values, you will live in a state of guilt and shame. Also, be in good terms with general social norms so that you will not feel ashamed about yourself. Maintain your standards. Do not allow people to overstep your boundaries. 

6. Practising positive self-talk.

Instead of telling yourself how you are a failure, focus on what you have done well. There will always be people who are mean to you. Thus, do not be mean to yourself. Even when you fail, remember you have a good side as well and you are capable of improving. Furthermore, do not talk negatively about yourself to others unless you trust them to help you improve. Every morning when you wake up, say affirm yourself about your confidence and other good qualities e.g. “I am confident.” 

7. Improving self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the quality of allowing yourself to examine your experiences and abilities and understand where you need to improve. Knowing that you lack confidence in a certain situation is self-awareness. Now you can work on improving your confidence. Also, being self-aware enables you to acknowledge your surroundings and the people around you. This leads to better confidence because you have a clear view of the situation you are in.

8. Doing what you need to do.

Many people lack confidence because of procrastination. When you have planned to accomplish a certain goal, and the moment comes to act, do it then. Taking action boosts your confidence, unlike inaction. Do not wait for a better time. Do not put it off without any valid reason. The more you put off doing a daunting task, the harder it will be because your confidence will reduce.

9. Learning.

Be ready to learn daily from discussions with people, watching an informative video, or reading a book. Gaining knowledge boosts your confidence. The more you learn, the more you realize your potential. And being aware of your potential boosts your self-confidence.

10.Observing people.

Is there anyone you know who you think is a self-confident person?  Observe how this person behaves. If possible ask them to assist you if they are willing. Also, by observing people, you will realize they are not always focusing on you, they have their own concerns. Hence, you have no reason to fear how they are judging you.

11. Taking one step at a time.

You may lack confidence because you are looking at the huge task that you need to take and it seems too difficult. Break down the actions you need to take into smaller steps, and complete one before you move to the next. 

12. Preparing yourself.

Whatever task you have to complete that you feel unconfident about, preparation is important. When you prepare yourself for the task you need to accomplish, you will experience a confidence boost that comes with practice.

13. Remembering your victories. 

You have overcome  a lot in the past, which then, you did not think you would, or lacked self-confidence in. Is there a time in the past when you would not have thought you would get this far? since you managed in the past, believe you have the capability achieve it now. 

14.Having a support system.

Asking for assistance of a supportive friend nearby when you need a confidence boost. You may love your family members or friends, but if being around them makes you feel less confident, limit the time you spend with them 

15. Be honest with yourself.

Some people can lie to others confidently. But that kind of self-confidence is an illusion. To gain real self-confidence, you must be honest with yourself and others who matter to you. Living a lie can seem like a good way to fake looking confident, but it will not necessary make you so. Yet, what matters is not what you show the world, but what you feel and think. Therefore, be an authentic person. 

16. Recognizing people are humans.

Other people are human beings just the same as you are. No matter what position they hold in the society, they are human beings. Circumstances you were born in or opportunities you were presented with contributed to creating your different social statuses. Fear no human being. Whenever your confidence is shaky at the prospect of others who you think are better than you, remember this we are all human beings. 

17. Responding with positivity.

Respond to negativity with positivity. When subjected to negative criticism, unfair judgment, or insults from people, you require a level of indifference to them. It can be difficult if people who are important to you demean you or try to diminish your value. Improve self-confidence by  responding with positivity by reminding yourself of your own worth which is not based on other people’s opinion. Your worth is not measured by how people see you. 

18. Facing your fears. 

What fears are holding you back from being self-confident? Is it the fear of people or the fear of failure? Whatever it is you fear, you can face it through exposure. When the opportunity to face your fears comes, take it. For instance, if you fear public speaking, and you are asked to do it, take that opportunity and do it. (Refer to the point above about “doing what you need to do.” 

19. Trusting yourself.

Doubt is an enemy of self-confidence. When those doubts creep into your mind, remember that you are the only one in control. If you let the doubts to hold you down, you will not accomplish anything. You will be the kind of person you desire to be, by trusting yourself not doubting yourself.

20. Valuing yourself. 

Valuing yourself involves loving yourself and knowing you are worthy of love no matter what other people do or say to you. You are ready to stand up for yourself when you are being taken advantage of. If you behave as if you are worthless, other people will not see your value either. Stop demeaning yourself or reducing your value with words, thoughts, or actions. Putting a high value on yourself will improve self-confidence. Never dull your shine to make others feel comfortable. 

Keep your head high. Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up. 

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