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Overcome Top 3 Barriers to Mental Peace and Success

Fears, doubts, and worries are three main states of mind that make people stagnate in life. They are the greatest barriers to mental peace. Hence, the biggest threats to your potential for success in your endeavours.

They lead to mental health problems. For instance:

  • Fears are associated with phobias and delusions.
  • Doubts are associated with obsessive compulsive disorders.
  • Worries are associated with paranoia and anxiety.

Before blaming other people for your failures in life, ensure that you have dealt with your fears, doubts, and worries first.

To gain mental peace and success, you need to deal with these 3 barriers. You will learn how to identify these barriers and overcome them in this article.


It is normal to feel afraid when facing a challenging situation. Fear is part of life. You might fear failure, change, or humiliation.

Fears are hinderances to happiness and success, when left uncontrolled. They can limit your potential and make you fail where you would otherwise have succeeded. I do not think there is any human being who does not have fears.

The difference is, some let their fears to become a disability while others do not let the fears stop them. Which category would you prefer to be in?

To move beyond your fears, change how you look at what is making you afraid.

Is it something you can prevent? If not, can you find a way around or over it? If not, be brave enough to go through it. Once you conquer your fears, your mind will be set free.

The presence of fear does not make you unworthy or incapable. However, it can incapacitate you if you are not brave enough to accept the risk.


Doubts are those uncertain thoughts you have about yourself, your abilities, or other people around you. I am referring to self-doubt whereby you feel you are not capable of achieving the plans you have set for yourself.

See, it is perfectly normal to have doubts especially if you have experienced failures before. However, doubts can block your progress in life when you focus on them instead of your goals.

Self-doubt may creep into your mind because of other people’s remarks or criticisms of your dreams. You must be careful never to allow other people’s doubts concerning you to be your own. Otherwise, they will paralyze you, preventing you from making the decisions that will propel you to success.

Doubts lead to excuses, and excuses lead to a state of inaction. Yet, to achieve your goals, you have to do something. Hence, despite the doubts in your mind, press on and believe in yourself.


If you want to test how vain worrying is, try to remember what you worried about a year ago, now. There is a high chance that you do not remember because the perceived problems came to pass.

It is okay to worry, sensible even. The trap of worries is having too many of them without causing any change or moving a step ahead. The problem is letting the worries stop you from getting where you want to.

If you want to be at peace, you should only rest after you have achieved your goal. But worrying has the opposite effect. It causes fatigue before you can do what you have to. Your focus on problems that will probably never happen and carry burdens that do not exist yet. Thus, you deplete your mental energy before you even have an actual problem.

Worries enhance the barriers to mental peace and success stated above—fear and self-doubt. therefore, when you see a potential problem, find a solution instead of only ruminating over it.

Fears, doubts, and worries do not fix anything. Rather, they stop you from gaining inner peace and success. If  there is a problem, fix it.

Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

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