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Why Value Yourself When People Devalue You?

How much do you value yourself? Have you ever been in a situation where people devalue you, either directly or indirectly? They might behave in a way that shows disregard for you. Or they may utter words that show you are not worthy.

At times, you might apply the devaluation you receive from one person as a judgment that everybody else will devalue you because the person that devalues you is someone important to you. Maybe it is a parent, close friend, teacher, or employer.

If they do not say it, they can treat you like a lowly human being that does not amount to anything. Perhaps like something that can only be used and thrown away.

How Do People Devalue You?

Maybe they have devalued you because of your appearance, social status, family background, gender, level of education, financial status, or life choices and mistakes. They may overstep boundaries, infringe on your rights, or over-criticize you harshly and treating you as if you do not matter.

They have bullied you into thinking or feeling like you have no importance. Perhaps it is too much that you have felt like you need to quit life.

People who devalue others may say things like:

“You are nothing!”

“You will never amount to anything!”


If you are familiar with being on the receiving end of such kind of devaluation, keep reading this important article that will encourage you not to devalue yourself.

The Impact of Being Devalued.

It hurts to be devalued, especially by people you value. It’s painful and increases your feelings of loneliness and reduces your self-esteem.

When you internalize it when people disregard you and make it clear that your opinion, presence, or words are not important to them, you might get into the trap of seeing yourself through their eyes.

That’s when the struggle with self-worth becomes tougher. When you let how other people treat you shape how you see yourself, you fill your mind with bitter thoughts, anger, and negative feelings.

Also, when people devalue you, it’s easy to project upon others how you have been treated. But since you know how unpleasant it feels to be devalued, then surely do not do the same to others, because doing so will not increase your self-worth, although it might give you an illusion of importance. It will only make it worse for others, and you gain nothing meaningful from it.

Value Yourself.

But it is possible to let the negative feelings go. You can still value yourself even when people devalue you. What they do to you or say may not be just, or respectful to you as a human being. Yes, you can be angry, you can be uncomfortable, and then you can stand up for yourself, and let it go.

Move on from the pain of being devalued. Otherwise, you might end up having similar regard for yourself and develop a sense of worthlessness.

If you value yourself, you get the upper hand in controlling your mindset rather than being a passive observer of your own mindset by letting other people decide your value as if they are God, yet they are human beings like you.

Value yourself so much that when people devalue you, your self-acceptance and self-worth remains intact. Your confidence in who you are remains the same, or increases. And you do not devalue them in return, because they are human beings like you and you never know where you will be tomorrow.

Due to the way society functions, all of us cannot have the same status economically or socially. However, the fact that you are a human being will never change. Hence, you are as valuable as the next human being despite the differences we may have.

It’s for this reason that you have to be yourself. This means, find self-acceptance despite your differences with other people. And instead of comparing yourself with others and diminishing your worth base on your subjective view of them, you will be at peace with who you are and confident enough to still see your worth even when other human beings devalue you.

There is no end to being devalued by people; you will always meet people who do not value you. Some will not see your worth even when you have an important reason in their lives. When people do not value you, it reflects on their own value toward themselves. Do not make it their low self-worth yours. We are all human beings here, please.

Never be that person that devalues you. Once you succumb to devaluing yourself, it is a long process to regain your sense of self-worth.

People who devalue you can shape how you see yourself and others. Are you going to become better or worse when people devalue you?

Let their disregard of you make you more empathetic and sensitive to other people knowing we all face devaluation at some point instead of devaluing others in return.

Value yourself.  Life is for living. Keep living. Don’t give up.

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