Mental Health Improvement and Poetry, MHIP, is an informative site with a focus on mental health literacy and advocacy. 

It was previously Mental Health, Inspiration, and Poetry. (I changed the web address as well, from my nickname Centfie to the real one.)

This mental health blog is dedicated to people who are passionate about their mental health improvement.

It is sad how mental health in Kenya and the world, in general, is still a misunderstood topic. Therefore, I use this website to sensitize those interested in mental health matters.  

You will find a wealth of information about mental health topics including mental illness, personal development, positive thinking, self-love, cognitions, behaviour, and suicide. 

The content herein is meant for informational purposes only. What you read on this website cannot replace personalized counselling and psychotherapy.

Also, it may be updated based on developments in research and as I gain more knowledge/experience in the field of Psychology. 

Wisdom is a baobab tree, no one person can embrace it all. (African proverb.)

 I believe we can learn something from everyone, even children. Hence, I will appreciate your honest feedback on the articles. 

I hope this Mental Health Improvement site will touch someone's life. May you be encouraged to keep living. Live your life and gain mental health literacy.

Benefit from your visit to Mental Health Improvement and Poetry, MHIP. Thank you for stopping by. 

Life is for living. Keep living. Don't give up. 

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My name is Sophy C, an avid reader, writer, and author.  I am a mental health educator and counsellor specialising in psychoeducation. I speak English, Kiswahili, and French. 

I enjoy scenic nature, science, the ocean, music, and life in general. I love animal and human babies. 

I attained my degree in Psychology in 2014. I have worked as a counsellor with addiction rehabilitation centres, hospitals, schools, and the criminal justice system. 

My work experience since 2017, includes listening, visiting, and counselling people facing psychosocial challenges for behaviour change and cognitive adjustment. 

The top services I provide based on my skills and experience include:

  • psychological counselling
  • psychoeducation and mental health coaching
  • speaking engagements
  • freelance article writing
  • editing and proofreading
  • French tutoring

Other Interests

By now, you may guess why a mental health blog in Kenya seemed like the way to go for me.

Here lie my passions in one place. All my writing about mental health that is not in my books, gets posted here. 

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  1. The Big Dilemma: Do Life or Quit Life?

My book contains practical guidelines about dealing with psychological pain, suicide, suicidal thoughts, and suicidal behaviour grab a Kindle version or printed copy of my book: The Big Dilemma: Do Life or Quit Life.

It is a self-psychology guide and I wrote as a counsellor using proven psychotherapeutic techniques rather than as a general advisor.

2. Piece of Mind: Everyone Has an Untold Story

This collection of poems was the first book I wrote since poetry is my number one love. Centfie, as it appeared on this site's old URL, is the pseudonym I use when writing fiction, including poetry and it has become a fixed pen name that I gave myself. Therefore, don't be surprised to find some inspirational poetry here.

Grab a copy of my first collection of poems to uplift your spirit — Piece of Mind: Everyone Has an Untold Story.