Printable Poster Promise Yourself Inspirational Poem

  • printable poster (inspirational)
  • portrait orientation
  • can be framed in any size from 8 by 11 inches up to 40 by 60 inches up to billboard 
  • the words included are an inspirational poem i.e. Promise Yourself  by Larson
  • suitable for individual and institutional use 
  • No watermarks on purchased products/files

If you are looking for a positive message to encourage you daily, buy these posters. The message in them is about positivity, kindness, and being strong. A powerful message; written decades ago by Christian D. Larson. 

The posters are in a variety of comforting colours you can choose from:

  1. Black background and white text
  2. Greyscale background 
  3. A pattern of green and blue background
  4. Green patterned background
  5. Pixelated patterned background
  6. A mix of red, pink and purple pattern
  7. White background
  8. Azure blue patterned background

The posters are good for both office and home decor. Institutions that deal with messages of encouragement like hospitals, rehabilitation centres, or community wellness centres can make good use of these posters. 

Since they are digital downloads, they give you the freedom to print them in any size you wish. These downloads are customizable from 8 by 11 inches up to 40 by 60 inches to fit a billboard. 

Choose your preferred poster (or posters) below. ↓↓↓

NOTE: Please,  ensure the quantity for each download reads “1,” to avoid ordering the same download severally. 


This is a printable poster inspired by the words in a book.

The inspirational downloadable poster includes powerful words from the poem “Promise Yourself” by Christian D. Larson. The words were written decades ago but they can still inspire you today.

You may print the poster and use it as wall decor by putting it in a frame. If you print the large size you may stick it directly like wallpaper. You may frame it and give it as a gift to a loved one who will appreciate the amazing words of the Promise Yourself poem. 

See this article for details about the poem: 12 Powerful Lessons in Promise Yourself By Larson

You will get access to the download link once the payment is complete. The product is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled or returned once you purchase.  In case of issues, please let me know. 

N/B: If you enjoy these designs, contact me for custom printable posters on demand that focus on mental health, inspirational themes or positive messages of healing. Contact me with the subject: “Custom Inspirational Printable Poster.”

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