10 Printable Posters with Recovery Messages for Addiction

This bundle contains 10 different posters. 10 posters each beautifully designed to remind you to prioritize healing from addiction. Each of them is unique, each with different graphics and short encouraging messages relevant to addiction, recovery, and rehabilitation.

The posters are designed to nurture healthy thoughts through affirmative messages that counter cognitive distortions. Hence, they support the recovery process.

The posters include the following issues in recovery: gratitude, mood, social support, peers, self-compassion, commitment, relapse prevention, and focus.

The colour combinations have been carefully selected for a calm and serene effect. The colours and images will serve as a reminder of the commitment to change.

How to Use These Printable Recovery Messages

You may use them all or one by one for the following purposes:

  • Decorating places that deal with addiction and recovery.
  • For events related to addiction and recovery.
  • Promoting campaigns about addiction and recovery.
  • Displaying for individual decor or as a reminder.
  • Framing and gifting someone who is passionate about recovery or is in recovery.

For Individuals

Print and place these posters in a frame or on your wall, to lift your mood. You can use the words as positive affirmations every time you read them. They remind you to stay committed and take action that promotes recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction.

The short messages in the poster are positive and optimistic to keep you on track while healing. The posters will help you to reflect on thoughts that may trigger relapses. This is a very simple and interesting way for self-care that will help you focus on treatment.

By using the recovery posters you’ll be taking a step to committing to change and addictions behind.  Move forward to cope with your addiction despite the challenges along the way. At the same time, have inspirational decor.

For Rehab Centres

Displaying these graphics in a strategic location gets will encourage the habit of positive thinking and serve as a reminder of prioritizing recovery.

For this reason, these posters are great decor for rehabilitation centres focussed on addiction treatment. The eye-catching visuals will grab the attention of your clients and your message will be memorable long after they leave.

You can put the posters on a notice board or as inspirational decor for your counselling room. Print them and frame them in a visible place. Give them away as cards to your clients.

Visual cues are very effective in enabling people to stick to their plan of recovering from addiction. With such motivational posters, the images will create a memorable visual impression on your clients’ minds.

You can use the graphics in whatever way you want once you make a purchase. The words are original but once you buy the bundle, you can use the posters as you wish.

These printable posters are great because you can customize them in any size you want from a small frame or card to a billboard. You may print any size from 8.5 by 11 inches up to 40 by 60 inches of these posters.


Recovery from addiction is a difficult process. It requires focus and commitment to keep moving forward. Powerful visuals and words make your message memorable and easy to spread.

The posters included in this bundle contain recovery messages aimed at drug and alcohol addiction. They can be printed for both personal or organizational use, and target recovery from substance addiction.

You will get access to the download link once the payment is complete. The product is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled or returned once you purchase.  In case of issues, please let me know. 

N/B: I also design printable posters on demand that focus on mental health and inspirational themes. I love to share positive messages of healing. To get custom-made printable posters, contact me with the subject: “Custom Inspirational Printable Poster.”

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